how to create your own web page for free


Your domain does NOT hold your cryptocurrencies.
You are just adding the addresses of your crypto wallets, and linking them with your domain name to make a human-readable crypto address.


Website not showing, only a file explorer?

I have found this to be a naming issue.
That is to say your main HTML fille needs to be named index.HTML.

Some users have found that the HTML file is saved as a HTM file, so please check this. If this has happened just reopen the file in your code editor and 'Save as' HTML file.


Website isn't showing images?

More than likely you've not uploaded the images.

Make sure you upload all files contected with your website. The file stucture should be as follows...

Project Folder (Title it your domain name for ease)>
Assets (including images and scripts)
index.html (and other pages .html)


Invalid path from my HASH code?

Make sure you're only adding the HASH code beginning 'Qm', and not the entire web address


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